Here at Alqueva,
opportunities are fresh


A fresh new land.

Welcome to Alqueva. Discover the region in southern Portugal where a fresh
new land can be found, where ideas and opportunities are ever fresher
so that new businesses produce new fruit.
Alqueva is a project of EDIA - Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas
do Alqueva – which is geared to ensure the sustainable development
of the region through agriculture. The future of the region is prepared every day
in Alqueva, making it more attractive to domestic and foreign investors, refining
what it offers and generating development from its greatest natural asset: water.

Recent News

Cinco Reis – Trindade Irrigation network enters into operation next irrigation season

5300 hectares of irrigation area, adds to the 68000 hectares already in operation, and it is expected the entry into operation of more 14000 hectares very soon, totaling about 88000 hectares in 2015 campaign.

Alqueva Project in the final Stretch: EDIA awards 20 285 hectares more

Portuguese Assistant Minister and Regional Development and the Minister of Agriculture and Sea, presided to the signing of 6 contracts of 6 awards for the construction of infrastructure to irrigate a total of 20 285 ha.

The Land Exchange
of Alqueva
has 1297 ha available

163 plots are registered on the National Land
Exchange site, with a total area in Alqueva
of 1297 hectares.

Conclusion of the Alqueva Irrigation System

EDIA has launched the last tender for the conclusion, in 2015, of the entire irrigation network of the Multipurpose Alqueva Project. totaling about 120 000 hectares.

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